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Beauty Haul


So this is my first ever haul. Exciting or what!? At the end of last month I went on a bit of a shopping spree so it’s some bits I got then and other items that I have picked up since. Most of it was purchased in either Boots, Superdrug or Lush but I will let you know where it was from as well as the price if I can remember it.



Superdrug BB Cream

So this is something that I had been wanting to try for a while as I had read some good reviews of it. After my disappointment with the Along Came Betty BB Cream I was a little unsure wether to go down the budget route for BB creams again, but I gave it a go and have been very pleased with the results. I am not going to go into detailed reviews of the products as I plan to review them in more detail in their own posts in the future.

This was obviously for Superdrug and cost £4.66 which I think is an offer that they are doing at the moment. 

Barry M Dazzle Dust Eyeshadow-Silvery Black

When I was looking round this caught my eye in the reduced section. I decided to buy it as the offer was too good to refuse and as it was all glittery which I find hard to resist! I am not sure why it was reduced as they still have it for sale for full price on the Boots website. 

This was from Boots as I have mentioned and cost the grand total of £1


L’oreal Super Liner Blackbuster 

I wanted this product for ages after having seen the adverts on tv. I have mentioned before that I struggle with applying eyeliner and thought the size of the pen would help me to get a better grip and get a better application. It has very sleek looking packaging and a little plastic protector to protect the nib. I am not sure if it comes in more than one colour but mine says extra black on it.

I bought it in Superdrug and it was  £5.49. This seems to have gone up in price since I bought it as it is £6.99 now. 


Real Techniques Stippling Brush

This is something that every one had given rave reviews of online and I was desperate to get. Being the bargain hunter I am I had been looking to see where I could get it for the cheapest price. When I realised that Superdrug were running a deal on the real techniques range I snapped it up. 

As I mentioned I got it from Superdrug where it is still on offer of buy one get one half price. I therefore paid £5.49 for this brush. 


Real Techniques Core Collection Set

This set contains a detailer brush, pointed foundation brush,buffing brush and a contour brush. The brushes also come in a black case which can be used to transport them. The case then folds in half to create a stand that you can use to hold the brushes.

This also came from Superdrug and the set cost £20.99 and was part of the same deal as the stippling brush.



Broadway Impress Nails-Rock It

My nails were in poor condition so I decided to buy some Impress nails to cover them up. As they are stick on I thought they would do minimal damage to my nails and cover them up and give them a chance to grow. I chose the short length french manicure style.  

These were from Superdrug and cost me £7.99


Barry M Confetti –Bubblegum Nail Paint

I had been looking and lusting over this polish since it came out. It really reminds me of some polishes I had when I was growing up so carries a sense of nostalgia. I had a tough time choosing which of the sweet named shades to choose but eventually plumped for the Bubblegum.

I bought this in Boots. It was part of an offer that was on at the time on Barry M products.  I am not sure what the offer was and it doesn’t seem to be on anymore so I am not sure how much I paid for it. At the moment it is £3.99 on the Boots website.


Barry M Gelly –Lychee Nail Paint 

This was a impulse buy I bought the confetti polish and there was an offer so I picked this up. It’s an almost while colour thats part of the Gelly range. Polishes in this range are meant to produce a  high shine effect.

 As I mentioned it was on offer at the time. I  again I am not sure how much I paid for it. It is also £3.99 on the Boots website. 

Barry M Nail Art Pen

I bought this quite a while ago but still thought it was worth a mention. Again I had been excited about this product for a while before I bought it. It’s a marker style pen that allows you to draw detailed patterns onto your nails. You can get the pen in four different colours but I opted for black, mainly as I am boring but also as I planned to buy more and thought black would be a good starting point. 

I bought it in Superdrug and it cost me £4.99


Sally Hansen Advanced Hard as Nails 

My nails have been really flaky recently which is horrible and the reason why I wanted to cover them with false nails. I wanted to get a nail strengthener  to hopefully make them a bit stronger. I looked at a lot of different polishes before I bought this one some of which seemed very expensive but this seemed fairly reasonable. The product claims that it hardens nails and smooths ridges and contains Nylon and Retinol.

I bought this in Boots and it cost £4.95

Skin Care


Lush Fresh Face Mask – Cupcake

This was given to me as three taster posts as it was left over from testers that had been used during the day. This is not something that I would normally buy but it was nice to get the opportunity to try it out. 



Lush Lip Scrub-Bubblegum

I had read a lot of good reviews about this product and thought I would try it out as my lips had been very dry. It comes in a small pot and is available in a couple of different flavours and I chose bubblegum. The point is to rub it onto your lips to help remove dy skin and make your lips soft. I think it is mainly sugar it certainly feels as though it is, and it is safe to eat so you can lick it off your lips afterwards.

It cost £5.25


Lush Ultrabland Cleanser

I wanted a new cleanser and as my skin is super sensitive thought this would be a good one to use. It is meant to soften skin and clean it at the same time and is suitable for a range of different skin types. It is a thick cleanser that like a lot of Lush products comes in a black tub. 

It cost me £6.75


Update and Information on Posts to Come


It’ been a ridiculously long time since my last post but I have been a bit of a busy bee recently and have struggled to find the time for blogging. Also as the weather has been amazing so I have been trying to make the most of it. I have come up with lots of ideas for posts and have been super excited to do them so I am glad I have finally found the time.

The first of the new posts is a haul which is pretty exciting as it’s my first one. I am going to upload that tonight if all goes to plan. I’ve also got a number of new products which I am planning to review in the coming weeks. I also want to do a post on some of my current summer faves as well as some of my beauty collections.

Hopefully this all sounds good and you will enjoy my posts in the next month or so. If you have any ideas for topics you would like me to cover let me know. I would love to hear your views. 

Hope everyone is having a lovely summer so far and looking bronzed and beautiful! 

#JuneBBC Day 30: Reflect

I am a day late doing this post which I think is apt as I have done this a lot over the last month whilst taking part in the challenge. I was very busy all weekend but had to do this last post and wrap the whole thing up.

I have loved doing this challenge and am so glad that I decided to take part in it. Although I have missed some of the posts I think did pretty well considering I had only done six posts before starting the challenge.

All the post topics were really good and it gave me lots of inspiration as to what to write about. I also loved reading all the other bloggers who were taking part posts. So glad that I discovered all these blogs and some have become real favourites that I look forward to reading more of.

I am really going to miss doing the challenge but I have some good ideas for some future posts which I am looking forward to getting started on.

Thank you so much Girl Friday for coming up with such a brilliant idea and for being a real sweetie throughout the whole thing.

#JuneBBC Day 28:Favourite cheek product



This is hard as my favourite cheek product is something that I have already written about as part of #junebbc as my favourite high end product. It’s a Chanel Bronzer that I have had for ages but is one of the best products I own.

I am not going to write about it again as that would just be boring so here is the link to the previous post which featured this product. Instead I am going to do another post later on about the Lush cupcake face mask.

#JuneBBC Day 27:Fashion Mistakes

The topic for todays #junebbc is fashion mistakes and boy do I have some. Looking through old photo albums from my childhood I can’t help but ask my mum what she was thinking when she picked out most of my clothes. The thing is I really loved most of the clothes I had when I was younger and was always sad when I grew out of clothes and they were passed down to my younger sister. 

Here are some of the ones that I particularly remember:

 Caps with added fabric at the back

I remember really hating this and being so embarrassed at having to wear this at school during playtime. I can see how these may be practical especially for pale people like me but they are so ugly! 

494689337_o (1)

Cycle shorts 

I have always had what I call thunder thighs particularly when I was younger. God knows what my mum was thinking making me wear skin tight lycra cycling shorts. I don’t think many people would be able to pull off this look and the worst part was I didn’t even  wear them when riding my bike.I know I had a black pair of these but I am pretty sure that I also had a lime green pair and possibly even more. 



This is someone who clearly can pull off the cycle shorts look but I am afraid that I will never be able to!

Stick on earrings

I always wanted my ears pierced when I was younger but had to wit until I was seven before my parents let me have them done properly. Before that I relied on stick on earrings and clip on earrings to satisfy my need for ear jewellery. 

Stick on earrings make me laugh now as they looked so fake no one would have ever believed that you really had your ears pierced although I am sure I tried to tell people I did. Also I remember them falling off every five minutes and always finding them stuck in my hair and on my clothes later on. 

Some of them were much nicer than other and I recall saving my favourites for school discos and birthday parties. Although they were meant for your ears there were definitely times when I used them to pretend that I had my nose pierced!



This was the exact pack that I used to get when I was little the hearts and stars were always firm favourites.


That’s just three that I thought of first but there were many more some more recently than I would like to admit I am sure. But what can you expect when designer offer us up such bizarre ideas sometimes. 

image1xl (1)


I am sure this model will be looking back and thinking WHY?  in a few years time. If you do happen to like this look you can buy the leggings here at the reduced price of £19! What a bargain.  

#JuneBBC Day 26: Best beauty advice I have been given

There are a few pieces of advice that that I have been told or read over the years that I have found to be useful or has changed my views on certain things. Some are things that I am sure lots of people have heard before and some are just simple little tips.

Use conditioner as a substitute for shaving gel 

This is a bit of a strange one but is something that has come in handy a few times when I have realised that I am out of shaving gel. I find that conditioner works just as well, smells nice and leaves your legs feeling nice and smooth.

Don’t try and hide freckles with foundation

I have quite a lot of freckles and for sometime I tried to cover them when applying foundation as I wanted my face to look one consistent colour all over. This was probably as this is what you tend to see on models in magazines. When I read the advice to apply less foundation and embrace the freckles this really improved my look. It makes sense freckles suit me and are natural, covering them up just looked silly and meant that my face was always suffocating under a  thick layer of foundation

Apply eyeliner using a spoon

This is something that I haven’t actually tried yet but wanted to include it as it looks like a really good idea. The video shows you how to apply eyeliner using a spoon as a guide to creating flicks. I am pretty terrible at applying eyeliner and I know lots of other people struggle with it. I am definitely going to try this out as it looks soo simple to achieve.

Use a toothbrush sprayed with hairspray to stop fly aways

My hair can be pretty unruly when it comes to fly aways but this tip really helps when I am going for a sleek up do. Just spray a cheap toothbrush with hairspray and then use it to brush down and fly away hairs.